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In 2000 Conall Lavery (CEO AscenTrust) went on a management programme to Harvard Business School (HBS). There he met with business people from all over the world. From classroom and informal discussions he came to the view that outsourcing non core activities was going to be essential for small and medium sized organisations. At HBS Conall struck up relationships with business people from many countries where outsourcing has become big business. Relationships that Conall struck up in HBS are behind AscenTrust now.

Many of the Fortune 500 companies outsource to low cost jurisdictions, and a study by Deloitte showed that 75% of the Global Financial Institutions planned to outsource offshore. This increases competitive pressure on those that cannot take advantage of these lower costs.

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Why AscenTrust? When existing clients were asked, they responded;
-"They take all the hassle out of bookkeeping."
-"I used to dread payroll, there were always last minute hiccups and mistakes which cost me a lot of time and stress. Now I hardly have to think about it at all."
-"I have no fears of falling foul of the Revenue Commissioners or Company Law."
-"It is like they are part of my team, they help me make business decisions."

The vast majority of jobs in Ireland are in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), and it is not viable for them to set up their own outsourced operations offshore. That is, until AscenTrust came along. AscenTrust provides Financial Management services from simple bookkeeping to sophisticated financial controls. AscenTrust does not replace your external auditor; it replaces or complements some or all of your internal accounting department or functions. It delivers high value service at a lower cost by using its back office in India whilst providing a strong local support through its Irish based staff. AscenTrust only works in business sectors it understands so that it can add value to its services. Very quickly the AscenTrust accountant will seem to you like one of your own staff. /font>

The most successful organisations outsource. They recognise that it is the most efficient way to employ scarce resources. They always talk about focusing on their core activity. In your case this means focusing on what it is that you deliver, you put your effort into delivering your product or service at a lower cost to you and your customer. In turn, this means more profit for your organisation - or more client service for less cost in the case of a voluntary body. Not only does AscenTrust provide the service at a more competitive price than other options, it gives you a fixed price for a year.

AscenTrust is a member of the following;

- Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) http://www.nhi.ie/
- The Wheel http://www.wheel.ie/
- Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) http://www.isia.ie/
- Payroll Service Providers Association (PSPA)
- Small Firms Association (SFA) http://www.sfa.ie/
- Dublin Chamber of Commerce http://www.dubchamber.ie/

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